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17th Clinical Trials on Alzheimer's Disease Conference

29 OCT - NOV 2024

Madrid, Spain+info 
Non-coding RNA in brain development, function and evolution conference20-24 OCT 2024Ascona, Switzerland+info
[Lake Conferences] Comparative and Evolutionary Neurobiology

20-24 OCT 2024

Seattle, USA+info
[NeuroFood ] Brain-Nutrition interactions: From metabolic to psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases16-18 OCT 2024Bordeaux, France+info
6th European Workshop on AMPK29 SEP - 2 OCT 2024Lyon, France+info
EU-MIND - EUropean Meeting on Imaging of Neurodegenerative Diseases25-27 SEP 2024Caen, France+info
25th Biennial Conference of the International Society for Developmental Neuroscience (ISDN)21-24 SEP 2024Montpellier, France+info
46ème Colloque de la Société de Neuroendocrinologie16-19 SEP 2024Nice+info 
DEV2024: From Stem Cells to Human Development - Early registration deadline 5 APR 202416-19 SEP 2024Surrey, UK+info
[CSHL meeting] Molecular Mechanisms of Neuronal Connectivity10-14 SEP 2024Cold Spring Harbor, USA+info 
NeuroFly 20242-6 SEP 2024Birmingham, UK+info 
[Cold Spring Harbor Meeting] Glia in Health & Disease. Abstract Deadline: 31 May 31 202420-24 AUG 2024Cold Spring Harbor, USA+info
COGSCI 202424-27 JUL 2024Rotterdam, the Netherlands+info
[Gordon Research Conference] From Molecules to Music: Communication Across the Auditory System - Application deadline 16 JUN 202414-19 JUL 2024Smithfield, RI, USA+info
[Gordon Research Seminar] Hair Cells and Neural Networks: Harmony in the Auditory System - Application deadline 15 JUN 202413-14 JUL 2024Smithfield, RI, USA+info 


FENS Forum25-29 JUN 2024Vienna, Austria+info
[FENS Satellite Symposium] Motor Control Across Scales 24 JUN 2024Klosterneuburg, Austria+info
[FENS Satellite event] French-Swedish Basal Ganglia meeting24 JUN 2024Wien, Austria+info
ENCODS 202423-24 JUN 2024Vienna, Austria+info
The Brain Conference: Circuits for Movement16-19 JUN 2024Rungsted Kyst, Denmark+info
2024 NIDA International Forum 14 - 15 JUN 2024Montreal, Canada+info
[journées internationales de la SFN] Update in Neurogenetics13 - 14 JUN 2024Paris+info
OptoDBS 2024

12-14 JUN 2024

Geneva, Switzerland+info
EUROGENESIS 5th meeting - Adult Neurogenesis in Physiology and Disease12-14 JUN 2024Bordeaux+info
14th Hershey Conference on Developmental Brain Injury - Deadline Abstract submission 1 MAR 202411-14 JUN 2024Marstrand, Sweden+info
Hippocampus Green Meeting10-11 JUN 2024London, UK+info
Conference On Multiple Sclerosis - Paris 2024 7 JUN 2024Paris+info
16th European Glaucoma Society Congress1-4 JUN 2024Dublin Ireland+info
88th Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Symposium on Quantitative Biology: Brain Body Physiology - Abstract deadline 8 MAR 202429 MAY -2 JUN 2024Cold Spring Harbor, USA+info
[Conférence du Collège de France] New Neurons for Old Brains: Life-Long Stem Cell Activity in The Adult Brain - Sebastian Jessberger, Brain Research Institute, Université de Zurich28 MAY 2024Paris+info
[Journées thématiques de la Société des Neurosciences] Neuroscience & Artificial Intelligence - Mechanisms, Perspectives & Consequences23 -24 MAY 2024Bordeaux+info
[Seminar] Principles of predictive representation learning in biological neural networks - Friedemann Zenke, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research23 MAY 2024Toulouse+info
80 Years of Traumatic Stress Studies, and Counting22-24 MAY 2024Caen, France+info
[Gordon Research Conferences] Visual System Development19-24 MAY 2024Lucca, Italy+info
2024 NEUROPSI - CHEN Institute on BRAIN, BEHAVIOR & BEYOND16 -17 MAY 2024Saclay, France+info
[EMBO Workshop] Molecular neurobiology - Registration deadline 6 MAR 202413 - 17 MAY 2024Heraklion, Greece+info
[Lake Conferences] The Neurobiology of Mental Health12 - 16 MAY 2024Thun, Switzerland +info
[The Royal Society Scientific Meeting] Cell lineages across scales, space and time7-8 MAY 2024Birmingham, UK+info
ARVO 2024 - Abstracts deadline 8 DEC 20235-9 MAY 2024Seattle, USA+info
130e congrès de la Société Francaise d'Ophtalmologie4-6 MAY 2024Paris +info



[Colloque du Collège de France] Early Activity in the Wiring of Brain Circuits29 APR 2024Paris+info
Centenaire de la description du "Syndrome d'illusion des sosies" par Joseph Capgras24 APR 2024Paris+info
Workshop of Ideas in Neuroscience: Origins of order in behaviour19- 21 APR 2024Warsaw, Poland+info
Stress and Resilience: Exploring New Horizons in Science and Applications15-16 APR 2024Lausanne, Switzerland+info
Journées de Neurologie en Langue Francaise - Deadline appel à communications 30 NOV 20239-12 APR 2024Paris+info 
EPA 2024 Congress6-9 APR 2024Budapest, Hungary+info
[Gordon Research Conference] How Cell Types of the Basal Ganglia Give Rise to Function- Application deadline 25 FEB 202424-29 MAR 2024Ventura, CA, USA+info
[Gordon Research Seminar] Illuminating Mechanisms of Basal Ganglia Function in Health and Disease - Application deadline 24 FEB 202423-24 MAR 2024Ventura, CA, USA+info 
[Brain Prize webinar] Activity-Dependent Gene Regulation in Health and Disease - Elizabeth Pollina, Eric Nestler, Michelle Monje | Washington University, Icahn School of Medicine Mount Sinai, Stanford University27 MAR 2024Online+info
[Seminar] Astrocytes in mice central amygdala mediates oxytocin-dependent behavioral adaptation - Alexandre Charlet, Institut d’études avancées de l’université de Strasbourg25 MAR 2024Marseille+info
Rencontres de Neurologie comportementale et des consultations de Mémoire21-22 MAR 2024Paris+info 
[Seminar] Regulating Neuronal Polarity through asymmetric Microtubule Nucleation and Growth- Paul Conduit, Insitut Jacques Monod21 MAR 2024Paris+info
[Rendez-vous lorier] Évaluation éthique des projets de recherche impliquant des personnes : pourquoi, comment ? - Christine Dosquet19 MAR 2024Online+info
ECNP New Frontiers Meeting 2024 - A roadmap for a new diagnostic framework for mental disorders17-18 MAR 2024Nice, France+info
[Seminar] Mitochondria And The Social Organelle Network - Nuno Raimondo, Penn State17 MAR 2024Paris+info

ECNP Workshop for Early Career Scientists in Europe - Abstract deadline 26 OCT 2023

14-17 MAR 2024Nice, France+info
4th International Congress on Spinal Muscular Atrophy14-16 MAR 2024Ghent, Belgium+info
Senses in Motion 2024 - Sensory Processing in Freely Moving Animals11-13 MAR 2024Berlin, Germany+info
Stem Cells in Neuroscience11-13 MAR 2024Tübingen, Germany+info
PANS 2024 10 - 13 MAR 2024Santos, Brazil+info
[Conferences at Janelia] 4D Cellular Physiology - Application Deadline: 3 NOV 202310-13 MAR 2024Ashburn, USA+info
[Seminar] Slow AMPA receptors - Andrew Plested, Max Delbrück Center, Germany8 MAR 2024Paris+info
[Seminar] Deciphering the role of Importins Nuclear Transport Factors in CNS Functions and Neurodevelopmental Disorders - Nicolas Panayotis, SPINN, Paris8 MAR 2024Bordeaux+info
[Seminaire du College de France] The Role of Play and Curiosity in Children’s Acquisition of Abstract Knowledge- Models of Human Learning and Cognition - Laura Schulz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology8 MAR 2024Paris+info
[Seminar] Exploring grasp-related functions across primate species: behavioral and electrophysiological insights - Banty Tia, RiKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research, Kobe7 MAR 2024Toulouse+info
[Seminar] In vivo brain endothelium – astrocyte communication induced by peripheral brain communication - Blanca Diaz-Castro, UK DRI5 MAR 2024Paris+info
[Seminaire du College de France] Shifting Priors: A Bayesian Theory of Perception and Learning in Autism- Models of Human Learning and Cognition - Elizabeth Pellicano, University College London1 MAR 2024Paris+info
[Gordon Research Conference] Sleep Regulation and Function - Dynamics Across Vigilance States. Apllication deadline 4 FEB 2024.3-8 MAR 2024Galveston, TX, USA+info
[Leçon Inaugurale Collège de France] La neurotechnologie : science et ingénierie pour de nouvelles thérapies - Stéphanie Lacour, chaire Innovation technologique Liliane Bettencourt29 FEV 2024Paris +info
[Seminar] Metabolism of neural stem cell-niche interactions - Jelle van den Ameele, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Cambridge, UK 29 FEB 2024Paris+info
[Brain Prize webinar] Dysfunctional translation in disease - Emily Osterweil (Harvard Medical School), Gary Bassell (Emory University), Giovanna Mallucci (Cambridge UK)27 FEB 2024Online+info

[Conferences at janelia] Bridging Diverse Perspectives on the Mechanistic Basis of Foraging

25-28 FEB 2024Ashburn, Virginia, USA+info
[Seminar] Habituation to darkness and a role for Melatonin in learning in the larval zebrafish brain - Owen Randlett, MeLiS, Université Claude Bernard, Lyon23 FEB 2024Saclay+info
[Seminaire du College de France] How do Infants Learn? The Role of Surprise, Curiosity, and Active Experimentation - Models of Human Learning and Cognition - Lisa Feigenson, Johns Hopkins University, New York23 FEB 2024Paris+info
[Seminar] Dyslexia, Rhythm, Language and the Developing Brain - Usha Goswami CBE,University of Cambridge22 FEB 2024Online+info
[Webinar] Dyslexia, Rhythm, Language and the Developing Brain - Usha Goswami CBE | University of Cambridge22 FEB 2024Online+info
[Seminar] Dyslexia, Rhythm, Language and the Developing Brain - Usha Goswami CBE,University of Cambridge22 FEB 2024Online+info
[Gordon Research Conference] Thalamocortical Interactions - Linking Thalamocortical Systems with Sensory, Motor, and Cognitive Functions. Apllication deadline 21 JAN 2024.18-23 FEB 2024Ventura, CA, USA+info
[Seminar] Unlocking the Key to Motivation: Discovering the Power of Activated Astrocyte Ensembles in the Nucleus Accumbens - Marta Navarrete, Cajal Institute – CSIC, Spain16 FEB 2024Bordeaux+info
[Seminar] New neuroinformatics approaches to predicting and understanding mental health - Sarah Morgan, Cambridge University15 FEB 2024Grenoble+info
[Rendez Vous LORIER] La Science Ouverte pourquoi et comment ? - Michel Pohl, directeur du Département de la science ouverte à l’Inserm13 FEB 2024En ligne+info
[Seminar] Dissecting the functional and molecular deficits at the cortico tegmental pathway in stressed males and females - Benoit Labonté, Université Laval – Canada13 FEB 2024Bordeaux+info
[Seminar] Astrocytes in mice central amygdala mediates oxytocin-dependent behavioral adaptation - Alexandre Charlet, Institut d’études avancées de l’université de Strasbourg12 FEB 2024Marseille, France+info

[Gordon Research Conference ] Translational Neuroscience of Alcohol: Integration of Basic and Clinical Research - Application deadline 14 JAN 2024

11-16 FEB 2024Galveston, TX, United States+info
[Seminar] Brain mosaicism in epileptogenic cortical malformations - Stéphanie Baulac, Institut du Cerveau9 FEB 2024Paris+info
[Seminar] Surprise and novelty in human reinforcement learning: A ping-pong of theory and experiments - Modirshanechi Alireza (EPFL)9 FEB 2024Marseille, France+info
[Seminar] Neurocognitive impact of juvenile obesity: circuit-specific memory deficits, endocannabinoid system involvement and gender differences - Guillaume Ferreira, UMR 1286 INRAE - UNIVERSITÉ DE BORDEAUX9 FEB 2024Paris +info
[Seminaire du College de France] The Respective Roles of Priors, Noise, and Confidence in Learning - Models of Human Learning and Cognition - Valentin Wyart, École normale supérieure9 FEB 2024Paris+info
[Seminar] Circuits of Emotion Recognition - Francesco Papaleo, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologica, Genova, Italy9 FEB 2024Saclay+info
3rd Neurogenesis Conference - Implications for Lifelong Development and Disease8-11 FEB 2024Cancun, Mexico+info
[Seminar] Internal state dependent control of feeding behaviour via hippocampal ghrelin signalling - Andrew McASKIL, UCL, London8 FEB 2024Paris+info
[Seminar] Dynamics of Neurofilaments in health and disease - Pascale BOMONT, NeuroMyoGène institute, Lyon8 FEB 2024Bordeaux+info
[Seminar] The encoding of abstract representations by the hippocampal-cortical complex - Timo Van Kerkoerle,Donders University6 FEB 2024Toulouse+info
[Seminar] Cortical Circuits For Learning and Behavior: Themes and Variation - Jerry Chen, Boston University6 FEB 2024Saclay+info
[Seminar] Humans and Acomys: Moving beyond Mice to More Relevant Models of Human Brain Disease - Kathleen J Millen, Seattle5 FEB 2024Paris+info
[ECNP-PsychX talks] Recent advances in bipolar disorder - Eduard Vieta, University of Barcelona5 FEB 2024Online+info
[ECNP-PsychX talks] Eduard Vieta, Spain - Recent advances in bipolar disorder5 FEB 2024Online+info
[Seminaire du College de France] How to Build Cognitive Maps - Models of Human Learning and Cognition - James Whittington, University of Oxford2 FEB 2024Paris+info
Exploring The Brain - 6th Scientific Day Of Graduate School Life Science & Health - Registration deadline 12 JAN 20242 FEB 2024Saclay+info
[ARSEP MRI Workshop] Imaging the optic nerve and the visual system in MS and related disorders2 FEB 2024Paris+info
[Seminar] A bottom up approach for analyzing circuits underlying navigation in vertebrates - Claire Wyart, Paris Brain Institute1 FEB 2024Online+info
Highlights from whole mouse brain atlas1 FEB 2024Online+info
Explorer les diversités : à l'intersection des identités trans et de l'autisme1 FEB 2024Bron+info 
[Seminar] Elucidating the mechanisms of neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases using human stem cell-based in vitro and in vivo models - Marine KRZISCH, University of Leeds (UK)1 FEB 2024Paris+info
[Seminar] Constructing and deconstructing the human nervous system to understand development and disease - Sergiu Pasca, Stanford University31 JAN 2024Paris +info
[Les Cafés de L'IRESP] Projet interdisciplinaire InterMob : une intervention comportementale visant à réduire l’usage de la voiture.31 JAN 2024Online+info
[Seminar] Understanding Psychiatric Disorders with Dual Process Model Perspectives: Focuses on Schizophrenia, Autism, and Addiction - Yukiori Goto, department of Artificial Intelligence and Technology of Kyoto University31 JAN 2024Paris+info
[Le 12h30 de la recherche] Les Maladies Neuro-dévelopmentales - Comprendre et Traiter les MECP2-pathies - Nadia Bahi-Buisson et Nicolas Panayotis30 JAN 2024Paris+info
[Seminar] The long-term influence of early-life adversity on perineuronal nets in human vendtromedial prefrontal cortex - Naguib Mechawar, McGill University, Montreal30 JAN 2024Paris+info
[Seminaire] Passerelles entre gestes et voix chez les primates humains et non-humains : Approche comparative de la communication sensible à l’attention - Marie Bourjade (CLLE - Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès)30 JAN 2024Toulouse+info
Symposium Santé Mentale et Intelligence Artificielle29-30 JAN 2024Caen+info
[Seminaire] Development and plasticity of callosally projecting neurons. A model of complex wiring - Marta Nieto, CNB-CSIC, Madrid, Spain29 JAN 2024Marseille+info
Symposium On Cortical And Spinal Organoids29 JAN 2024Paris+info 
7th Cerebellum Day29 JAN 2024Montpellier+info
[Seminar] A rare variant of VGLUT3 (p.T8I) involved in substance use disorders and eating disorders: Opening the door to a treatment of anorexia nervosa ? - Salah El Mestikawy, McGill University, Douglas Institute, Montreal26 JAN 2024Bordeaux+info
[Seminaire du College de France]How Do Humans Develop a Simplified Model of Objects and Their Physics? Models of Human Learning and Cognition - Tomer Ullman, Harvard University26 JAN 2024Paris+info
Congrès de la Société Francaise de Neurologie Pédiatrique24-26 JAN 2024Rennes+info
[Seminar] Greasing The Wheel of Memory Via a Novel Phospholipase A1 Pathway - Frédéric MEUNIER, University of Queensland, Australia23 JAN 2024Paris +info
6th Congress of the French Society for Stem Cell Research22-24 JAN 2024Paris+info
[FENS webinar] Shedding Light on the Interaction Between Cannabinoids Use and Risk of Psychiatric Disorders22 JAN 2024Online+info
[Seminar] Putting defensive behaviors in their place - Antoine Besnard, IGF – Montpellier19 JAN 2024Bordeaux+info
[Seminar] A rare variant of VGLUT3 (p.T8I) involved in substance use disorders and eating disorders: Opening the door to a treatment of anorexia nervosa ? - Salah El Mestikawy, McGill University, Douglas Institute, Montreal19 JAN 2024Bordeaux+info
[Seminar] Bloody brain: how circulating factors regulate brain aging and disease - Lida Katsimpardi, Institut Necker, Institut Pasteur, Paris19 JAN 2024Saclay+info
[Seminaire] Approche dimensionnelle transdiagnostique des addictions : un langage commun pour les cliniciens et les scientifiques ouvrant la voie à une recherche translationnelle ? - Maurice Dematteis (Université Grenoble Alpes)18 JAN 2024Grenoble+info
[Seminar] Understanding the complex dynamics of hippocampal microcircuits - Liset MENENDEZ DE LA PRIDA, Instituto Cajal, CSIC, Madrid18 JAN 2024Paris+info
[Seminar] Synapse-to-Nucleus Signaling - Mike Fainzilber, Yingxi Lin, Richard Tsien | Weizmann Institute of Science, UT Southwestern Dallas, New York University18 JAN 2024Paris+info
[Joint webinar series on “Neurophysiology: Exploring Basic & Clinical Consequences”] Compensatory Mechanisms in Parkinson’s Disease - 
Bastiaan Bloem, Radboud University Medical Centre
17 JAN 2024Online+info

[FENS webinar] CHET and History Committee joint webinar on “Dendritic spines as learning hubs”

17 JAN 2024Online+info
[Brain Prize seminars] Total recall in tiny brain - Creating true and false memory form forgotten information in Drosophila - Johanes Felsenberg, Institute for Biomedical Research, FMI, Bâle 16 JAN 2024Online+info
[Seminar] Molecular biology of neurons: Art of mutations toward understanding the supercomputing system of the brain RNA + Peptide editing applied to brain and neuroplasticity - Jean-François Picimbon, Qilu University of Technology, Jinan, China15 JAN 2024Marseille+info
31st ISFN annual meeting14-16 JAN 2024Eilat, Israel+info
[Seminar] Temporal Controls Over Neuronal Diversity in the Developing Brain - Denis Jabaudon, Geneva University, Switzerland12 JAN 2024Bordeaux+info
[Seminar] Total recall in tiny brain - Creating true and false memory form forgotten information in Drosophila - Johanes Felsenberg, Institute for Biomedical Research, FMI, Bâle 12 JAN 2024Toulouse+info
[Seminar] Overview des ultrasons en neurosciences - Mickael Tanter, Physics for medecine, Inserm U1273 Paris12 JAN 2024Paris+info
[Rendez-vous lorier] Prévenir les conflits d’intérêts. À quoi sert la déontologie ? - Philippe Amiel, président du Collège de déontologie de l’Inserm.9 JAN 2024Online+info
[Seminar] Influence des stéréotypes de genre sur les performances cognitives et les décisions de recrutement - Isabelle Régner, Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive (LPC), Aix-Marseille Université9 JAN 2024Lille+info
[Seminar] Les relations entre mémoires individuelles et collectives : quelles applications en neurosciences cliniques ? - Francis Eustache, Neuropsychologie et imagerie de la mémoire humaine (NIMH), UNICAEN-EPHE-Inserm, Caen9 JAN 2024Lille+info


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