Offre n°113 - Post-Doc Position in human neuroimaging in Bordeaux (France): Emotional memory processing in obese teenagers

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  • Type d'offre : Post Doc
  • Ville : Bordeaux
  • Statut :
Date d'arrivée à l'ITMO : Vendredi 27 Mai 2016

Post-Doc Position in human neuroimaging in Bordeaux (France): Emotional memory processing in obese teenagers.


A Postdoctoral position will be available, starting in december 2016, at Bordeaux University for working on a project entitled “Neurocognitive impact of juvenile obesity: experimental and clinical approaches”, funded by the French National Agency (ANR). The successful candidate will support the brain imaging aspects of the project in which one of the key aims is the investigation of the neural substrates underlying obesity-related emotional memory impairment.

The lab: A dynamic group working on neuroimaging and cognition ( The team is dedicated to the multi-modal analysis of cognitive and affective brain networks and to the exploration of their alterations in various neurological and psychiatric disorders (Bernard et al., 2015; Chanraud et al., 2012). All members have access to the Bordeaux University in vivo imaging platform including a 3T PRISMA human research scanner equipped with a 64-channel head coil and MultiBand sequences.

The project: in addition to being a risk factor for metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, overweight and obesity affect brain function and have been associated with a high prevalence of cognitive and emotional dysfunctions that frequently evolve in neuropsychiatric disorders (for reviews: Selbom & Gunstad, 2012; Francis  & Stevenson, 2013). It is therefore of high importance to identify the dynamics of the development of these cognitive alterations and the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms in this context. Two groups of subjects will be included in the brain imaging part of this project: a control teenagers group paired to a group of obese teenagers. These last ones will be recruited through the pediatric department of the CHU of Bordeaux. Medical practitioners and neuropsychologists of the NutriNeuro INRA team (leader of the global project) will bring their expertise on clinical and behavioral aspects of the project. The inclusions should start at the end of 2016. The PostDoctoral fellow will be in charge of the implementation of new analysis pipelines combining morphometry, fMRI task, dynamic resting-state connectivity, multi-shell diffusion imaging and behavioral data using advanced modeling techniques (multivariate approaches, machine learning, computational models).

Qualifications: A PhD in neuroimaging, cognitive neuroscience, biomedical engineering, biostatistics, or related field is required. The candidate must have a high expertise in multimodal MRI data analysis with a proficiency in programming (MATLAB, Python, Shell scripting) and a knowledge of statistical packages dedicated to neuroimaging (SPM, CONN toolbox, FSL, Freesurfer, Dipy, R, SPSS).

Funding is secured for 2 years from December 2016. Payment will correspond to salary (45 kEuros/year)



To apply: Interested applicants should contact Gwenaelle Catheline or Sandra Chanraud for further details. Send a CV, motivation letter and contact details of two academic referees to Gwenaelle Catheline and/or meet us at the OHBM conference!

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