Offre n°311 : Post-doctoral position

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  • Type d'offre : 2-year postdoc position
  • Ville : Paris (France)
  • Statut : recrutement en cours
Date d'arrivée à l'ITMO : Mercredi 12 Décembre 2018

Post-doctoral position (2 years)

Laboratory ‘Physics for Medicine’,  ESPCI, Paris


Functional Ultrasound imaging of spinal and cortical functions

in pain perception, in health and disease


Research interest


Chronic pain diseases affect 30% of the European population. However, effective treatments are often missing.

Only 50% of patients receive appropriate alleviation, due to a lack of treatment specificity and efficacy, as a result of a current poor understanding of the underlying mechanisms.

The team ‘Pain and Neural Adaptation’ is studying the mechanisms of cortical plasticity that underlie the sensory or emotional aspect of pain.

In collaboration with M. Tanter (Institut Langevin, ESPCI), who developed functional ultrasound imaging (fUS 1) we are characterizing the alteration of brain networks using multimodal imaging (functional activations 2–5 and functional connectivity 6), in both anaesthetized and freely moving animals.

We previously showed that this technique that has a high spatial and temporal resolution can be adapted for the imaging of freely moving animals 7.

Using this unique approach, we want to establish markers of dysfunction in the spinal cord and brain of animal models of persistent pain and investigate if these alterations are reversed by classical treatments of either inflammatory or neuropathic pain.


Background/skills requested

PhD in Neuroscience (in vivo recordings would be a plus).

The applicant would ideally have some knowledge in Physics and/or signal analysis.



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