Offre n°183 - Postdoctoral Position Bordeaux

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  • Type d'offre : Post-Doc
  • Ville : Bordeaux
  • Statut :
Date d'arrivée à l'ITMO : Mercredi 24 Mai 2017

Post-doctoral position

A post-doctoral position is currently available in the Institute of Cognitive and Integrative Neurosciences of Aquitaine (INCIA) in the team "Organization and Adaptability of Motor Systems", in Bordeaux, France. Using three different animal model systems (Aplysia, Xenopus and mice) our group studies the neurobiological bases of motor development and of short- and long-term behavioral plasticity at the cellular, neural network and integrated systems levels. The specific project the candidate will be involved in aims to investigate, using reduced in vitro brainstem slice preparations of the mouse during late phases of embryonic development, the neurobiological mechanisms underlying the functional development of the central neuronal networks that generate rhythmic breathing behavior. The position is funded by the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (FRM) for 3 years, starting no later than 1st of October 2017.


We are therefore seeking a highly motivated experimental scientist who must have a PhD degree and a strong background in neuroscience with skills in electrophysiology using patch clamp recordings and calcium imaging. Knowledge in molecular biology and immunohistology would be an additional advantage. The applicant should also have good team working capabilities, the ability to independently carry out experimental research and good communication skills in spoken and written English. French speaking is not obligatory.




Applicants should send their CV to Dr. Thoby-Brisson

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