Director Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience-KNAW

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  • Type d'offre : CDI
  • Ville : Amsterdam
  • Statut : Recrutement en cours
Date d'arrivée à l'ITMO : Mercredi 22 Juin 2022

Job description

For the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN-KNAW) we are looking for an authoritative scientist with a research activity in the study of neural circuitry of mental functions and an inspiring leader that cherishes collaboration, team science and diversity & inclusion, and with excellent management capabilities.

You will bear final responsibility for the general and day-to-day management of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience and for charting the institute’s course, in line with the Academy’s strategy. You are supported by the Managing Director.

You will ensure that the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience remains a leading international institute where scientific talent flourishes. You will identify important developments in research and society, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere, and respond effectively to them. You will develop a distinct approach to the profile and future development of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience as a dynamic research institute of international standing with added value for the Netherlands.

You will play an important role in national and international networks and partnerships in the field and promote interdisciplinary cooperation with universities and other Academy and NWO institutes.

You will position the institute with bodies that fund research (including the EU, NWO), knowledge institutions, NGOs, government institutions and the business community, and by doing so create new partnerships.

You will devote yourself to fostering science communication and maximising the impact of the institute’s research activities on society.

You will represent the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience both within the Academy (as a member of the Council of Directors) and in national and international bodies, thus promoting the interests of both the institute and the Academy.


You have proven leadership qualities, the ability to connect, and you are inventive and engaged. You stand for and promote an inspiring, safe, diverse and inclusive research environment.

You are a leading (inter)national active scientist with an excellent track record of investigating the neural circuitry of mental functions across humans and animals, or a track record in one with strong affinity to the other.

You have experience how to promote and implement open science within a neuroscience institute.

You have a large national and international network and are demonstrably able to use it to form strategic alliances and acquire grants for research.

You are open to public debate and committed to scientific integrity. You are honest, result-oriented and decisive and show dynamism. You are a strong communicator, both internally and externally, have an eye for the human dimension, create a basis of support and maintain a dialogue.

You have an affinity with finance, human resources and ICT policy that enables you to take integral responsibility for the institute.

You have in any event an excellent command of written and spoken English. If you do not have a command of the Dutch language, it is expected that you are prepared to at least passively master the Dutch language in the foreseeable future by means of language training.


More info: Director Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience-KNAW | Nature Careers


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